Engi Patisserie

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Visual identity & printed collateral design

Pastry chef – Ke Hui has a dream to create and offer affordable and yet delicate modern Japanese pastries to her guests. Her goals were to develop approachable brand expressing friendliness, joy, professional and connecting with others.

Engi (缘起): meaning the origin of the beginning in Japanese. The foundation for the brand naming (缘起) was to remember where her patisserie journey begins, origination and the spirit she learned in Japan. Plus the omen of the future on her patisserie journey.  Her brand promise: the spirit of craftsmanship.

In the primary logo, we combine the lettering of Engi (缘起). For the meaning of inheritance and extending the spirit. In Chinese, "缘" pronounce as "yuán", it shares the same pronunciation as the circle in Chinese – "圆". The brand concept of Engi Patisserie (缘起) also adheres to a foundation that sticks to the details throughout and does not forget to remain faithful to the original aspiration.

We use the circular shape in visual design. A circle has no beginning or end; therefore, a symbol of eternity. It represents the endless belief of the brand vision. The icon mark is inspired and design from her Matcha Tart pasty, it depicts persistence and simplicity and represents Engi Patisserie brand of focus in details. To inline with her brand image, we focus on the round and simple font.

We highlight red colour with other slightly warm colours, added a green colour with a low degree of lightness, to make the overall colour palette with full enthusiasm and approachable.

How we helped

Visual Identity

Business Card Design