Unplug Alarm

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Logo and icon design

Unplug Alarm is an application for Android phones. The application sounds an alarm when the charger cable is disconnected. It immediately reveals the theft and wakes you up and draws everyone’s attention to the thief. The app is created with one goal — for the user to have a peace of mind while charging their phone at a public charging station in the hotel or airport, hostel dorms or common area.

There’re many alarm apps but couldn’t find one that is clean and simple, without advertisements. Hence, Unplug Alarm created with minimalist design and lean feature set, without advertisement. It stands for its simplicity and the focus on only one thing that it does well. There’s no customisation, settings or preferences, with only one button on the app that reliably solves the user’s problem.

The strategy of Unplug Alarm concept design is to be straightforward, keeping an eye on the goal to achieve the only mission of Unplug Alarm. We want to present a logo and icons that evoke the function of Unplug Alarm immediately and elevate the colour representation to be visually attractive for the user to notice.

The magnetising icon of the application looks similar to the phone USB cable that has one mission which notifies the users of Unplug Alarm when the device is disconnected. While making the logo, we adapt them into the name ingeniously. Hence it results in ‘Un’ which stands for Unplug Alarm. We combine padlock and shield to enhance the security element.

The mix of three colours gradient has the least scale on purple to prevent a display of inflated sense of alert. The perfect ratio keeps the logo reliable and undisturbed. To establish Unplug Alarm with an unique colour and memorable identity.

How we helped

Visual Identity